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Renton Garage Doors | Sagging springs?

When we say sagging springs you may have no idea what we are talking about. But if you have noticed that your garage door is not lifting and lowering evenly then you are probably suffering from sagging springs. This happens when one or both of your garage door springs starts to lose its tension and then it can’t hold the door as well. At first it may not be a huge problem, but over time it certainly can become one. If you leave the springs in this state eventually it can cause the spring to suddenly snap. If this happens it can cause a lot of damage and harm because the entire garage door will fall regardless of what or who is underneath it.

Moral of the story, if you notice your door isn’t operating evenly go ahead and have a garage door technician come out to check up on it!

Renton Garage Doors | Time for some checkups!

You know that you are supposed to have checks ups at the dentist every six months and the doctor at least once a year, but did you know that your garage door needs checks ups too? Yep, it sounds strange, but your garage door needs to have someone test all of the safety features and functionality at least once or twice a year to make sure everything is working right. If there is a problem we will be able to catch it right away and fix it on the spot. If you don’t have check ups done you may not notice something off and then the entire door might stop working, meaning you will have to replace the entire door instead of just the part that was originally broken.

If you are looking for a reliable garage door company to check up on your door Renton Garage Doors is the place to call!

Renton Garage Doors | The Thinking Man’s Guide To Garage Door Safety

Garage door injuries are not uncommon. You would generally be hearing about one or the other garage door injuries every day. While a malfunctioning doors can be termed as the problem for these issues, your carelessness and delay in getting a malfunctioning garage door repaired can also not be overlooked. This is the reason why we always suggest you to make sure that your garage door is always in good condition. Otherwise, you would have to pay more for the medical bill than your garage door repair. Did you know that over 33,000 people need to be admitted to the hospital emergency room every year because of garage door accidents? If not, then get ready to take control. We are now introducing the thinking man’s guide to a safer garage door. Follow these tips for great results.]

• Your garage door opener should be protected like a front door key- many people are quite careless about their garage door remote and believe that simply throwing it somewhere inside the car or their living room would be enough. Always keep this garage door opener with you and in a safe place. Never believe that there won’t be any burglars around who would take keen interest in stealing your garage door remote to break into your house.
• Always buy a garage door opener with a reversing system- learn to change with time and don’t ever think about keeping a door opener that does not have a reversing function. Since 1993, all garage door openers are required to have a reversing system installed in them. Though it is quite unlikely that your door opener doesn’t have a reversing feature yet, you must definitely check out the possibilities of failure and buy a new one with better technology as soon as possible.
• Educating children is a must – children can not only cause garage door accidents but can also be trapped or hurt when these accidents occur. Therefore, educating the children about the safe usage of a garage door opener is a must. Always make sure that they know how to operate and reverse the door in case of any mishaps and make sure that they play around with the opener.
• Get regular inspections- you must ideally be getting a garage door inspection completed every 6 months. It helps in making sure that any problems with the door are diagnosed before any mishaps occur.

Renton Garage Doors | How to organize your garage space

Over the years, we accumulate a lot of stuff.  In a consumer-based society such as ours, it’s easy to buy in excess and allow unnecessary purchases pile up in storage areas around the house.  The most common space for storing miscellaneous junk is the garage; however, that junk is rarely useful or organized.  Garages are full of random seasonal decorations, partially assembled bicycles, unused gardening equipment, and even the occasional household appliance that’s been out of use for years.  This is a do it yourself guide to organizing all of the contents of your garage for fun and for free!

Lots of rakes and hoes can be difficult to store because they are cumbersome and awkward.  The same goes for bulky power tools that never seem to find a home.  A great way to organize and store gardening tools is by hanging them on hooks mounted on any garage wall.  This elevates the tools and neatly displays them for your convenience. This idea can also be used for brooms, ladders, and anything else that can hang close to a wall without impeding too much on the space in front of it. Power tools can also be mounted on a garage wall, either with hooks, or by installing receptacles for each individual tool. Mounting a paint can or any other cylindrical object onto the wall will provide a perfect holster for your tools, while keeping them easily accessible.

We all use those big plastic storage bins for various items, but how the do you create an appropriate storage space for the box itself? Creating a shelving unit for these boxes can greatly increase the space in your garage, and eliminate the eyesore that is a stack of ugly plastic bins.  One option is to attach planks of wood to the ceiling to serve as flanges for the bins to slide into.  This opens up much floor space and keeps the bins out of sight.  You can also build your own bin receptacle out of PVC pipe for an original, efficient storage method.

No matter the contents, garages can be organized in a fun and resourceful way.  By organizing your own garage, you may fully utilize the space and tailor it to your personal garage organization criteria. Revamping your garage has never been more fun, or more of a potential creative outlet—start today!

Renton Garage Doors | How to Winterize Your Garage

With winter here, your garage can be a freezing place. Of course, most garage doors take the brunt of low temperatures, snow, sleet and wind. Do not spend huge amounts in heating your garage or making expensive repairs in spring. Just winterize your garage, especially your garage door and you should be set for winter’s fury like never before.

Garage Door Seal
Air drafts are a major problem in garages. You can install a door seal around the frame of the garage. This will not only prevent air drafts from entering the garage, it also will prevent snow and other debris, like leaves, from entering your garage from under the door.

Check Hinges
If the garage door hinges are loose or bent, you will have freezing temperatures in your garage. Also, these will cause damage to the door. Hence, replace loose or bent hinges as soon as possible.

Garage Door Insulation
If you heat your garage during winter or the garage tends to get very cold during this season, you should think about insulating the door. There are DIY insulation kits that you can use to install polystyrene inserts in the back cavity of the door. This insulation will prevent the cold from coming in and the heat from escaping outside.

Remove the Snow and Ice
Winter storms can be a nightmare. The snow and ice can cause the bottom seal of your garage door to freeze to the cement. This can prevent you from opening and closing the door and also could damage the seal and door. So, after a winter storm, be sure to shovel away the snow and ice. Use deicing salt where the door comes in contact with the cement floor.

Replace the Battery
If you have an automatic garage door, be sure to replace the battery in the remote. Batteries tend to fail in the cold and the last thing you need is being stranded outside in the cold with a remote with dead batteries. Furthermore, the constant freezing and thawing tends to short the wiring of the operator. So be sure to check them thoroughly every once in a while during the winter months.

These are some tips to winterize your garage and save yourself from exorbitant heating bills and a freezing garage.

Renton Garage Doors | Spring Cleaning

With 2014 well underway, it means spring cleaning is coming up. For some, EARLY spring cleaning, and some of you might need an idea of where to even start. Well, I will let you in on a little secret, start with your garage. Take the opportunity to go through all of the items that just might make your garage door look like a hoarder’s sanctuary and get rid of them to have that space open up again. Wondering what you’re going to do with all that space? Don’t worry; here are some tips on what you could do with your spacious garage:

Split your drive way in half, one side with trash bags to label it as the “junk” side.

Go through the items in your garage and start sorting of items you deem as “junk” or not. *Tip: you can donate these items and have it be a tax write-off, too!

Supply your garage with some shelves or storage boxes and label them accordingly to the placed items to keep your garage clutter-free.

If space permits, you can do a simple DIY project by installing some cabinets to really utilize your space in your garage.

Once your garage is free of debris, you can now finally either park your car in your garage away from the crazy weather or you can even make it into another room. It’s a new year for new beginnings!

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