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Renton Garage Doors | How to organize your garage space

Over the years, we accumulate a lot of stuff.  In a consumer-based society such as ours, it’s easy to buy in excess and allow unnecessary purchases pile up in storage areas around the house.  The most common space for storing miscellaneous junk is the garage; however, that junk is rarely useful or organized.  Garages are full of random seasonal decorations, partially assembled bicycles, unused gardening equipment, and even the occasional household appliance that’s been out of use for years.  This is a do it yourself guide to organizing all of the contents of your garage for fun and for free!

Lots of rakes and hoes can be difficult to store because they are cumbersome and awkward.  The same goes for bulky power tools that never seem to find a home.  A great way to organize and store gardening tools is by hanging them on hooks mounted on any garage wall.  This elevates the tools and neatly displays them for your convenience. This idea can also be used for brooms, ladders, and anything else that can hang close to a wall without impeding too much on the space in front of it. Power tools can also be mounted on a garage wall, either with hooks, or by installing receptacles for each individual tool. Mounting a paint can or any other cylindrical object onto the wall will provide a perfect holster for your tools, while keeping them easily accessible.

We all use those big plastic storage bins for various items, but how the do you create an appropriate storage space for the box itself? Creating a shelving unit for these boxes can greatly increase the space in your garage, and eliminate the eyesore that is a stack of ugly plastic bins.  One option is to attach planks of wood to the ceiling to serve as flanges for the bins to slide into.  This opens up much floor space and keeps the bins out of sight.  You can also build your own bin receptacle out of PVC pipe for an original, efficient storage method.

No matter the contents, garages can be organized in a fun and resourceful way.  By organizing your own garage, you may fully utilize the space and tailor it to your personal garage organization criteria. Revamping your garage has never been more fun, or more of a potential creative outlet—start today!

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