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Renton Garage Doors | How to Winterize Your Garage

With winter here, your garage can be a freezing place. Of course, most garage doors take the brunt of low temperatures, snow, sleet and wind. Do not spend huge amounts in heating your garage or making expensive repairs in spring. Just winterize your garage, especially your garage door and you should be set for winter’s fury like never before.

Garage Door Seal
Air drafts are a major problem in garages. You can install a door seal around the frame of the garage. This will not only prevent air drafts from entering the garage, it also will prevent snow and other debris, like leaves, from entering your garage from under the door.

Check Hinges
If the garage door hinges are loose or bent, you will have freezing temperatures in your garage. Also, these will cause damage to the door. Hence, replace loose or bent hinges as soon as possible.

Garage Door Insulation
If you heat your garage during winter or the garage tends to get very cold during this season, you should think about insulating the door. There are DIY insulation kits that you can use to install polystyrene inserts in the back cavity of the door. This insulation will prevent the cold from coming in and the heat from escaping outside.

Remove the Snow and Ice
Winter storms can be a nightmare. The snow and ice can cause the bottom seal of your garage door to freeze to the cement. This can prevent you from opening and closing the door and also could damage the seal and door. So, after a winter storm, be sure to shovel away the snow and ice. Use deicing salt where the door comes in contact with the cement floor.

Replace the Battery
If you have an automatic garage door, be sure to replace the battery in the remote. Batteries tend to fail in the cold and the last thing you need is being stranded outside in the cold with a remote with dead batteries. Furthermore, the constant freezing and thawing tends to short the wiring of the operator. So be sure to check them thoroughly every once in a while during the winter months.

These are some tips to winterize your garage and save yourself from exorbitant heating bills and a freezing garage.

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